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May 20, 2005



Here here! You said it very well.


Thanks for your input in regard to the article, coming from someone who's actually there to see first hand the result.

Keep writing.....if you write, we will read.

Jeff C.

I just wanted to say that "I for one am proud of the fact that the USA can be in on such a historic event as the helping of these to countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) behold the freedom's that we take for granted. I know that the saying might get old but, Freedom comes at a price, even for those who believe they're born into it. Its a shame whether you're Muslim or Christian that there has to be the few that live on the adversity of others. My son is there with you as part of the 2-504 PIR, he wrote the other day how he helped a little Afgan boy with an injury, and how selfless and positive it made him feel that he was part of a force helping put this country back together.

Karen Keaton

Thank you for the article. David Letterman said that Newsweek should be shut down and I agree. There are enough problems without creating new ones just to sell a magazine. I love this website. We can see what you are seeing. It means so much. All of you, be safe. My prayers are with you. Thank you for all you are doing.

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