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October 11, 2005



I vaguely remember a couple? of years back reading something regarding, I believe it was a statement by Al Queda regarding winning. It basically said that if they could get a huge backlash from the American public the American's would pull out. I may be wrong on some point of this. I have been fully behind the war since the beginning. But, I am really wondering what happened to the patriotism in this country. How many of the people who are directly feeding into the terrorists hands by standing up and shouting all of this bull? How many of the journalists who are feeding into the terrorists hands by willingly writing their propaganda for them? Stood up with a flag in their hands after 9/11? I think all of those traitors should be shot. Actually, I like your punishment better. Just put me down as, Ex-democrat.


Hey FP - Matt at B5 just had a posting on this same topic where he linked to I think Chapomatic. Chap has the actual transcript for the journo's (Jennings and Wallace). It's sickening especially Wallace but then even Jennings is so spineless you want to just biatch slap him. The media has just whored themselves slowly into oblivion. I should clarify and say those with the major networks/cable and the major print media. I think we still can get some decent reporters with smaller operations. I don't think support for this war is as low as it is portrayed tho. Great write up tho. :)


The type of people who would be journalists first appear to think of themselves as some type of demi-gods. It would be extremely fitting for them to roast in hell for that egregious elitism.


How many "Journalist first" responders would scream like school girls and expect help from you and your friends? I think many. Whatever punishment they get, they deserve.


So you think Newsweek reporters actually want Al Qeada to win because of their style guide?

Where does your patriot test start and finish? What if a reporter was able to cover an enemy in a conventional battle? Tell me you wouldn't read that story or the story that reporter wrote if he did find himself on an ambush. Like you wouldn't learn something from that story.

What if a reporter wants to write a story about how Karen Hughes is a terrible ambassador to the Mid-East? Does that truth help the enemy?

Here's a better question: Are being an sycophant to this administration and being a patriot mutually exclusive?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think the success or failure of Al Queda is secondary in the minds of these journalists The casualties that may be incurred as a result of their reckless journalism are incidental. I believe their objective has less to do with winning or losing the war than to embarrass, discredit, or destroy an administration that they disagree with. If they can pick up the Pulitzer along the way, more's the better.

To answer the question, No, I don't believe I would read the article if I knew beforehand that American journalists let Americans Soldiers die in the name of journalism. At the end of the day, it isn't about journalism, it's about coming up with the big story. It's about recognition, fame, and glory. Sitting in ambush, literally, is not investigative journalism, it's being a witness to murder for personal gain.

Service members take an oath to obey the orders of the president without reservation. This is not sycophancy, this is duty; patriotism drawn from the constitution that dosen't change depending on the president. The same constitution which protects the type of journalist we are talking about who spins the news and disciminatingly creates stories in support of their own personal position.----FP5

MissBirdlegs in AL

Love this post! If journalists are as smart as they think they are, they are knowingly aiding & abetting the enemy; otherwise, they're awfully ignorant! If they don't consider themselves Americans before being journalists, I wish they'd just move somewhere else! You'd think they would catch on after a while that everyone who they're trying to influence is not quite as stupid as they think.


Alas I fear that things are getting worse in Afghanistan - hardly any suicide bombings for years and now this year a whole spate of them. Stories like the Newsweek article that help the public realise that there is still a war on in Afghanistan and that it's nowhere near being won yet are not all together bad in my opinion.

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