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May 10, 2005



I came over from Blackfive. You had me on the edge of my seat reading this, and tearful at the end. G-d bless all of our good men and women in the armed forces. Thank you so much for your service to our country.


Thank you for your story. And for your feelings no matter how they ran the gamut! It makes a difference. Every last one of you are making a difference!

I know if that had been my son I would've wanted to know how his end came. With Honor, Courage, and Bravery! Something they take with them into the next realm! Something for those remaining to hold onto. Not just words but the making of heroes. American heroes! God Bless them!

Fair Winds and Following Seas Marines.
Heaven's Perimeter Is Secure!
Semper Fidelis


Thanks for taking the time to up date us back in the states. 3/3 is out of Hawaii and a good bunch of warriors. Those who are gone will be missed.
Semper Fi


Thank you for you service and your thoughts about the brave Marines who lost their lives. I will keep their families in my prayers.

Mustang 23


That Sucks!


It makes a difference to everyone who does not have to deal with the terrorism here in the USA that you guys are dealing with over there.

Those two Marines will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Life isn't fair but sometimes it appears to be so unjust. As M23 said, this sucks.


Thanks for the update. Very tough to read. 3/3 replaced my son's 3/6 Marines, and it brought all the emotions flooding back.

Surfatsixty - ProudFatherofaUSMCgrunt.

Jeanne Dorweiler

That should be the start of any 9-line training -- why this is important, and what it means.


Sir. I hope the marines kill a hundred of the bastards for every marine injured or killed


My son is a Marine CASEVAC pilot currently stationed in Iraq. I don't know if his squadron was the one involved in this event, I haven't heard from him since last week. Though this brought tears to my eyes, it also gave me a new understanding of the kind of mission my son and his squadron are faced with. Thank you for posting. God bless you and all who serve.


Thank You. Each and everyday. Each one of you.

I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.


Read this with great interest. My son is a Marine in India 3/3. We heard the news early on Monday morning. It was a long day. We feel great sadness for the families of these fine Marines. Tough Day for jarheads.

RIP young men


i'm in awe. so far removed from the realities of this war, you brought it home to me. bless you all, and thank you for your selfless service.

my sincerest condolences to the families of these brave soldiers.


i'm in awe. so far removed from the realities of this war, you brought it home to me. bless you all, and thank you for your selfless service.

my sincerest condolences to the families of these brave soldiers.


Thank you for telling this story - as Alix says, you brought it straight home for us. Thank you for your service, it is much appeciated - as is the sacrifice of your families.

RIP Marines...


My thoughts & prayers go out to the families of these BRAVE Marines.

Its funny how I know so much more of the things going on out there than my husband who is in Bagrahm with the 23rd ORD CO.

Thank you!!


Any news on the 4 killed/10 wounded from the 3/25 Lima Co. 1st Platoon?

Loved ones are in the group.


It took me a long time before I could send a response on this. It must have been overwhelming to hear but not be able to do something to help those men. I think I would have been livid among other things.

Thank you for your writing and insight. Keep it up!


Mrs. B

I knew one of these Brave Soldiers. Although he shared some of what they were going thru, he was concerned about letting us in on all the danger these guys face. I know this was to try and save us from worrying more than we already did. This story brought the reality home for us. I hope it has the same impact on others. He gave up his life for the freedom of others. We admired his dedication to his job, and loved him for the wonderful person he was. We will never forget him….He was my daughter’s boyfriend.

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