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October 22, 2005


MissBirdlegs in AL

Well, I've already done part of the crying for you. God bless the seemingly tireless soldiers, the injured and homeless, and many prayers for all of you. Gutwrenching work.

Agnieszka O. in CO

Thank you for letting us know about the efforts of American soldiers and many other nations. We are so lucky to live in US...


Wow! What a terrific post. I'm sure you're dog tired and that this must not have been easy to write. Thank you so much!


You post was truly amazing. There is not enough reporting in the MSM regarding this catastrophe in Pakistan. Thank you for sharing your experience. The idea of dropping straight out of a war zone into a disaster relieve sounds completely surreal and emotionally draining.


God Bless....and keep you.

Thank you. Again, I am reminded how truly lucky we are.


Yes you are all outstanding and I'm so very proud of each and every one.


I would like to make one correction: you are still fighting the war on terrorism. Except this is the other war. The war of ideas. A lot of people you flew over in Pakistan apparently believe the USA wants to destroy Islam and kill all Muslims. There is nothing like helping them as best we can in their hour of need to change their thinking. The "favorable" rating of the USA skyrocketed among Indonesians after they saw your fellow soldiers and sailers delivering aid after the Tsunami.

I am just a clueless civilian, but it seems like it would have made a lot of sense to move even more assets from Iraq and Afghanistan to help in Pakistan.

Thanks for your post; you guys are doing a great job and I cannot thank you enough.


Always good to hear about us doing great things; above and beyond spreading democracy that is.

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We're so Damn Proud of you all! Thank you for all you do!!


I linked your story on my site too.

Powerful stuff, for sure. Disaster relief is close to my heart (I'm in Red Cross Disaster Services), so, even though it might sound weird, I'm jealous. I wish I could be there to help. I'm just so glad that you are there, and we are helping. Glad and proud. Thanks!!!!


I can hardly believe the devastation in Pakistan, I know God has placed you and your army of Angels there to assist in this mercy mission. I am proud to know you and your supportive family.


Wow! Brian. Now that I'm finally connected properly to your website - not easy for a tech illiterate - I am thrilled with the efforts you describe. Am trying to figure how to get this information to the local news channels. I certainly agree with the one comment above by original Jeff about our doing all this good stuff for Muslims as an important thrust in letting these folks know our true hearts.


Words cannot express how proud I am of you and all of those there doing what we can't. Your helping is expressing our good will intentions in the relief and war effort. Thank you! I love you.


My son is crew chief on one of those chinooks. (He is in B Co 2/227th Avn Regt from Ft. Hood) Thanks so much for the description of what he has been doing over there! Wonderful photos, too!
God bless you!

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