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January 28, 2006



Well, Arianna isn't really known for her great intuition and good choices. I mean, first she married millionaire Michael Huffington, and helped run his campaign for Senate...when he lost, they divorced. He came out of the closet, and she turned to the left (even though she calls herself a "progressive"...whatevers...basically she opens her mouth, and makes noises, but it's all chicken scratch to me.

I think it's a same that Stars and Stripes even published the article.

The Sniper

The U.S. medias defeatist victor's-guilt attitude is unavoidable.
I'm glad to hear things go reasonably well in Afghanistan.

The problem with Huffington's article is that it provides no solutions for what ought to be done. Even if it were based on correct information, Ms. Huffington has no solutions to the supposed problems.


I followed a link from "The Officer's Club" to get here.


This is the same Huffington who runs the Huffington post blog. She speaks of allowing for blog authors from all sides of the fence, but not really.

I stopped reading the Huffington Post the 5th time a response I had was not published. It was logical and in oposition Of Moonbat's post. (Yes Moonbat has become an author there) Apparently, only the loon responses of the opposition were being posted.

So look at the source, creditable it's not.



Thank you for posting this, and for writing it in the first place. Every time you post something of this nature, you are helping educate someone else who stops by to read. Including me!

Guy A. Snyder

Thanks, Great Response!


Dear Firepower!!!!

Wonderful, fabulous, incredible and for Arianna, well deserved!!! Your blog says Firepower 5 but in this case surely it is 5 times 10!!! Thank-you for telling it like it is and making us so unbelievably proud of all that you and our troops are doing for us in the GWOT, Afghanistan sector.

Any time I get down at what is said and done here at home, I can be guaranteed to find a member of our military in harm's way, to put my mood back on the mountain top. With no reflection on our wonderful WWII service men and women, THIS has got to be the finest military we have ever had the good fortune to represent us in the toughest war we have ever faced. God bless every one of you. Stay safe and keep on blogging!


I agree totally with Janet. And thank you, Pam, for supporting this guy. We need many more like the two of you!! God bless you.

MissBirdlegs in AL

Good smack-down, Major! We are surrounded by "journalists" who don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. They just make noise because they can & people who don't know better believe everything they say. It's sickening!

Redhead Infidel

The Huffington broad won't get it because you included too many facts in your letter. The truth is wasted on the likes of her.

Well said, though - as many times as it needs to be said.



Strong work, F5. She has been well and truely schooled. I came over from Kit & Heidi's place at Euphoric Reality, by the way. Thanks for your service & be safe.

Lisa Gilliam

Good for you Major,HuffPuffinstuff needed someone to take the steam out of her.She grated on me when she was on the right,now that she is a hard leftists,she is even worse.


Dang, that was good. Too bad the idiot will never see or read it. Ignorance is a permanent state of mind with those of her ilk.

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