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January 30, 2006



Let me be one of the first to say WOO HOO!!!! Single digits! Thank you so much for all that you have given, that which you and your family have endured so we at home might be safer. It is an honor to say "Well done Soldier". I look forward to seeing you post those two special words...I'm HOME!


Chris Mercer

Sir, congratulations on being so near to redeployment. I just found this blog today, searching for stuff for Salerno. I am the driver for Spartan 5, 10th Mountain Division, 3rd IBCT XO. If you get a chance, check out todays post on my blog, , in regards to your journal. On behalf of the 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, Thank you and God Speed.

-PFC Mercer
Spartan 5D

MissBirdlegs in AL

Beautiful post! I think you already know my thoughts on all this. I certainly say, "Well done, Soldier" and thank you for all you and yours have done on our behalf! Anxiously awaiting that "I'm HOME" post with a beer at your side.


I am so glad you are nearly ready to come back home. Congratulations on your accomplishments. And most of all - Thank you.

Agnieszka O. in CO

We got little bit of snow in Colorado past week. Today was really nice and sunny, even in Colorado Springs. Maybe I'll run into you and your family on Colorado slopes :-)
Thank you again for a job well done. Hope you have a good trip home.
Afghanistan was a turist destination in the 1970th. Maybe one day again...


“Well done Firepower 5, it’s time to come home -- You did good!"

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, and Godspeed!

(I hope you don't mind, but I've linked and reposted this post on my blog.)


It certainly has been informative to read your blog and in a way to get to know you. Hopefully you won't completely shut this baby down once you're home. Maybe just take a long vacation. :) My thanks to you FPF, it sure was a pleasure.

Janet in the Heartland

Dear FirePower 5,

Your post, interspersed with Kipling was so poignant and moving. I feel your pride in all that you have endured and accomplished: the Herculean tasks that have wrought so much in the course of what seemed interminable hours and days. You have been warriors, yes, but as important you have been builders in that far away land, not destroyers.

I feel the pain that permeates what you write. Many will never understand the reasons why you were there. They will always endeavor to diminish what you have accomplished. History however, is full of naysayers. They cannot imagine daring great things so they castigate those who do. There is endless fault finding when only the course of the Creator is flawless. The willingness to venture forth and accept the possibility of a few ill choices will always surpass that of those who sit at home and denigrate those incredibly brave people who dare to try and hence to accomplish through trial an yes, error.

Even in the short term, you have accomplished in a year what our Founders took a decade to accomplish. “There was no plan” is an oft repeated refrain. Then perhaps it is by the worlds most incredible occasion of happenstance that there have been three elections and a Constitution in only a year, one step following another by some strange inexorable force untouched by the hand or mind of man. Not hardly!

Come home safely and know that you have been a part of something monumental. It is just past the germination phase so that what will be there as a testimonial to the best and brightest America has may not be known for decades to come and perhaps not even for a century or so. Who on the Mayflower would have envisioned what “they brought forth upon this continent”? They dared to dream, however. And you too may dream of what your efforts and sacrifices have been about. It is the difference between Pygmies and Men.

May God bless the doers of this world and you and your comrades specifically as you wind up a task well done. Accept the laurels of a grateful nation and a posterity that belongs only to the brave.

Janet in the Heartland

FirePower 5,

I was so moved by what you wrote that it was only after I signed off that I realized I had "moved" you from Afghanistan to Iraq!! Nevertheless, though there have there have been fewer elections there has been an election, Constitution and a handover to civilian government. These are incredible accomplishments while fighting a war. The over all sentiment remains unchanged. My unending appreciation, gratitude and awe, really at what has been accomplished, is the same.
God bless and keep you.

Tony B

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs, then there is a good chance you have misjudged the situation.

Seriously, sir, I love the writing.

Rob Morse

Wow. That touches the heart. Bless you and yours. Welcome back


I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your website about Bagram. My husband arrived there March 9 (2006) and I have been searching for as much information about what life is like in this far away world that many soldiers have seen. You have painted a world with your words and pictures and have given me a better understanding of perhaps what he may feel and experience while he is there. Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for being a soldier, and thank you for leaving this reminder (and information) for the next group, like us, who are just starting the year.

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