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February 08, 2006



Godspeed Brian!


MissBirdlegs in AL

Terrific news, Sir! Made tears in my eyes, too. Hope you know how much we appreciate all you & yours have given in our behalf. Safe travels, Katy


Oh that's exactly how I feel every time I fly too. I sit in my seat during take off with an idiotic grin on my face. I'm so glad you're on your way home. Thank you for taking this year out of your life for making us safer.


YESSSS!! I've been checking on you daily and today you made my day. Happy Trails Sir.

Janet in the Heartland

Dear FP5,

Not home but out of the war zone! When I reached the end, there were tears in my own eyes.

Another one safe. Thanks be to God. And thank-you for announcing that fact so expeditiously, because readers really do care.

Next step home to your love. God speed and may He take care of you until you are safely back in Pam's arms.

Last but not least, thank-you for all you have given and sacrificed for your nation during your deployment. We will forever be grateful.


OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more US Soldier, safely on his way home from war. Thank you SO MUCH for being there for us and for the Afghan and Pakistani people, and for sharing your experiences with us.


I know that feeling, too! I love flying - dunno why.

Congrats on your progress towards home - excellent news :-)


Well done Soldier, welcome home.

David M

Safe travels Sir!


Tears in my eyes FOR you. Traveling grace to you & those accompanying you!! Thank you.

Some Soldier's Mom

WHOOOOHOOOO! the second best thing is the takeoff... the best thing is the landing!


Congrats on leaving the Stan. I remember the last time I was wheels-up leaving a very shitty place and how it felt. I'm hoping to get that feeling again in six months when I leave here.
Thanks again for all your great writing. It truly enjoyable to read.

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While all good things must end, and these things must be,
Though two are now leaving they are forever the Trinity.

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flying,long time no that feel!

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