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February 15, 2006



Yeah! You landed safely. Get some rest and go get the wifey and kids.

Glad you are safe and sound.



Welcome Back!! Have a great reunion with your family! Thank you again for your service to us all.

Thomas Scott

Tears in my eyes man. I am remembering my return from Viet Nam 34 years ago. It still feels good to remember. YOU will never forget either. God Bless You, Welcome Home Brother. I'm glad your home safe and sound.


Hot Damn!!!!! Welcome Home and Thank You again. I'm thinking a beer run is in order soon;)

MissBirdlegs in AL

Great news! I'm thinking you made that beer run right after posting this. Enjoy!

Janet in the Heartland

I stopped by for a moment not really expecting to hear but what a great surprise!! Welcome to Germany. I was glad to see that you are in a relaxation mode (beer gone)!!!

Take care of yourself and do keep us posted. God bless.


I had no idea that you were stationed in Germany. Anyhoo...glad to see you home...I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to write a welcome home post about my boyfriend next week too. It's been great blogging along with you this year, and even better that it's almost over now!



I 'know' that 'look'


Oh I'm so glad I stopped by to see if you had written anything. If I could - I'd buy you a beer myself.

Your buddy Scott


Drink a Hefe for me. Thanks for the great job you guys did. We head back ourselves in September. This will be my last ride before I retire.


Good to see you're back and will soon be with your family. Thanks for your blogging while deployed.


I am guess that this was the last post for you. Would love an update. You left us with the idea of you alone after all you have been through during your deployment, and it would be so nice to replace that with a more pleasing picture, Sir.

Hope all is well with you and that wife and kids are back and your life has fincally resumed as it should.

God bless and take care,

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