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March 26, 2006


MissBirdlegs in AL

I'm glad your time with family and friends was so good. I'm sure you needed that (as did they). Enjoyed the photos.

Continued good wishes...


Your daughter looked beautiful, as I'm sure you know! The rest of you cleaned up pretty nice too;) Glad you enjoyed your time at home...are you still planning to attend the conference in DC?


A beautiful bride and a happy occasion. Thank-you for sharing.

Sometime down the road, undertake a book about your time in Purgatory, Firepower. You have rare talent and I would love to buy the first copy.

Meanwhile, enjoy the lower key of ordinary life. You and Pam have earned it. God bless...


Oh my goodness! What a fairie princess bride your daughter is!
I'm SO happy you got to be there, looking so handsome and proud in those dress blues. What a wonderful event to come home to!


Congratulations! Beautiful bride - proud parents... sounds like it was a wonderful day. I'm so glad it all went well.

As for life's annoyances - it's much easier if you can take them with a smile. The only thing that will truly irritate me is if the waitstaff ignores me at a restaurant. Mistakes in orders happen - it's no biggie.

Glad you are enjoying the little things that make America so wonderful (you certainly deserve it!). I try not to take those things for granted considering all the people working so hard to ensure I can enjoy them. *grin*

Agnieszka in CO

They looked so happy. Everybody looked happy. That's what matter in life - family.
Thank you again for your service.


Congrats and best wishes to the bride and groom. Glad to see you posting again!

What lovely photos. :)

MissBirdlegs in AL

Just wanted to say it was nice to "see" you online at the Milblog Conference. Hope all is well.

John Morgan

Congrats on your safe return to the world. As you move on with your life I will be moving into the one you just left. I am with LTF heading for Phoenix. I can only hope that I will handle all that the mission has to offer with pride, professionalism and courage as you have done.


Hello Sir,
I just wanted to write to tell you that it was good to read your Blog while I was overseas. Congratulations on making it back safely and with the marriage of your daughter. I looked forward to your perspective when you came out with a new twist on the Middle East and your thoughts from the front. I hope you continue writing as you transition back into the real world. In fact, my girlfriend and I started our own Blog, which was inspired by military sites such as yours. She often forwarded many military snippet’s to keep me posted on the happenings overseas and in the real world. Recently I wrote my own perspective about being back. I hope you enjoy the view of the Rockies and I hope you don’t miss the rolling sand and desert, the little blue houses (porta johns), and other fabulous accommodations we had too much. I certainly won’t miss being shot at, mortared, and blown up on the side of the road. I look forward to your return to work to see if you miss the activities and the adventure overseas. Always Forward, Sean

Rick Maag

Hey, buddy...

Good to hear you are safe and sound !! We wonder about you everytime we get together. Graham, Brian O and Brad still all work in NYC/NJ, but long to get back to Colorado.
Good to see my guidance at Merrill led you to a more productive life !!

Stay well and keep in touch.

Rick Maag

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