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August 09, 2006



Hey! Good to see you writing again!

Congrats on the promotion. I hope everything works out for the new job. I'm really looking forward to the blog book!!

Betty Scranton

Thank you, Brian, for setting the record straight. I look forward to your challenging letters-to-the editor at the Post Independent here in Glenwood Springs!

Thanks again for your service to our country.

Betty Scranton


I salute you with the upmost respect. Thank you and your family so much for your service. Please be safe and this also goes for you son in law. Well actually for all of our Men and Women in our military.
You all are true HEROS in my eyes.
May God Bless all of our military.


Agnieszka O.

Nice to hear from you.
Congrats on your promotion.
It's starting to feel like fall in CO...

Steffen Caldwell


I am an American Veteran living and working in Germany. I found your blog through Blackfive.

Where (if you can answer) are you stationed in Germany.

Right now I am working in Köln ut I live in Erlangen about 20KM NE of Nürnberg.

I am also a member of the VFW and Department of Europe. Are you a member?

Please answer (COMSEC and OPSEC) to my mail address.

Steffen Caldwell


Welcome back to the blog world. Congrats on the promotion!



Woohoo! Good job -- you'd be the only LTC I'd want to follow to war!

Excellent deal on the PMS idea -- you would do great at that. Let me know what university you end up in -- can you choose? Princeton would be a fine place to go-- I'll come visit...

MissBirdlegs in AL

Hey there! Tickled to see you posting again. Great news on your promotion, Sir. Congrats!

I got my book on 28 Aug. There wasn't much in there I hadn't already read, but I loved re-reading. I thought Blackfive did a super job on the continuity.

Best to you & yours. Gotta go read your other posts :)

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