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September 12, 2007



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Rick Maag

As an avid follower of Brian Delaplane's blogs, and someone who was fortunate to call him a close friend, I am saddened to inform that Brian Delaplane has recently died (on 10/9/07) while serving as Professor of Military Science at St. Johns University.
"Goodbye old friend and former ML colleague". Your wisdom and friendship will be greatly missed by many.

Rick M.



Your staff misses you dearly. This blog will always be a great tribute by and for you, representing all the wonderful things you accomplished, and the people you inspired, during our time in Bagram and Salerno.



Rick Maag

Lt. Col. Brian N. Delaplane passed away suddenly Oct. 9, 2007, in New York, following a pulmonary embolism. He was a logistical officer in the United States Army, currently serving as the professor of military science at Saint Johns University in Queens, N.Y.

Brian Neal Delaplane was born May 6, 1960, in Glenwood Springs, to Helen and David Delaplane. He graduated from Glenwood Springs High School.

He joined the Army in 1984. He continued his career in the U.S. Army for 23 years and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. He received multiple medals and accommodations, including the Bronze Star Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal.

He received his bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State College in Denver, and his master's degree from St. Bonaventure University in Olean, N.Y.

Brian was a man of distinction, character and integrity and was known for his compassionate leadership, mentorship and friendship.

Brian married Pamela Mackowiak on May 22, 1999, in Olean.

Lt. Col. Delaplane is survived by his wife; his parents; Pam's children Molly, Matthew and Sarah; children by his first wife - Felice, Matthew and Jessica; and brothers Timothy, Mark and Glen.

Visitation is planned for 4-7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Shrine of Remembrance Chapel in Colorado Springs. A vigil service will follow at 7 p.m. in the chapel.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 19, at St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church, 8755 Scarborough Drive in Colorado Springs.

Graveside services with full Army honors will follow at Evergreen Cemetery. The family and friends will return to St. Gabriel's Fellowship Hall.

MissBirdlegs in AL

I'm so sad and shocked to hear this. I read every post while he was in Afghanistan & have missed his voice since he just about quit blogging. He was a fine writer, and seemed to be a finer man. I enjoyed him and am grateful for his time spent here at FP5.

My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.



i am crying.... can't believe he's gone. what a terrible, terrible loss.

MAJ Jeff Healy

i just saw the sad news about LTC Delaplane. I greatly respected his writing and learned a great deal about Afghanistan from the blog. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. We lost a great one.

Military Personal Checks

Im sorry to hear about the news of his passing. Could anyone share what happened?

Military Personal Checks

Im sorry to hear about the news of his passing. Could anyone share what happened?

Matthew Delaplane


With no heart to empathize with others, she has filled my sister's and my own world with blackness. Other than maybe her own children, I believe we are the only two to know her true self.

Brian Delaplane was my father.

He had not been in my life since I was four years old(the year my sister was born), but he loved us with all his heart. The relationship between my Father and my Mother was understandably impossible to retain. This did not stop my Father from reaching out and lending a hand, hearing our faintest cry for help and being a strong capable Father who just happened to live half a world away.

He was putting me through school, he was decyphering my young manhood mysteries as he had already been through it all. I understood his teachings as if I were listening to my older self. We were 99.9% alike.

The day of October 9, 2007, my Mother relayed the news with an impossibly heavy weight dragging her voice down. The heart of my soul was crushed as if by a higher being who saw me as insignificant. Less than an hour after learning this I was talking with Pam who was, oddly enough, speaking very frequently about money.

Later, I felt that same insignificance from trying to interact with Pam. My sister had had a catastrophic summer living with her, but I had no idea how powerless she must've felt.

Pam had promised me my Father's momentos, money for school and even to help me purchase a car. Going so far as to tell me to choose what I please...

The communication ended abruptly, my calls rang in silence. I longed for the help of my father only to remember that all of his guidance and resources which he would have gladly traded to me for just the assurance that I will succeed, all belonged to Pam now.

PAM. Pammycakes...

Must've decided I'm not worth it. She must have decided that my Father didn't really want to be helping me all along.

I don't want a car. I don't want money. I want my Father to tell me how he made it so far. I want him to show me the way. I want to go to school. I feel more lost than ever and my Father was a shining beacon toward understand myself.

Pam, you are one pathetic excuse for a human.

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Rick Maag

Matt Delaplane,

Stay strong young man! I had the pleasure of working with your Dad for a few years in Colorado, and can tell you it would sadden him that you would hold onto any anger against his wife, Pam.
I knew your Dad as a true Patriot, a very smart man, who gave up a very successful career at Merrill Lynch to serve the greater good. You mention that you are 99.9% like your Dad...if you are only 50% like him, you have a great life ahead of you, and will not need anyone to achieve your goals. He spoke very highly of all his children and loved Pam very much. Try not to disrespect those that your Dad loved and cherished. It made him the great person we all knew. Hopefully time will heal..your Dad's death was a shock to everyone, and still not a week goes by that I don't think about some of the good times we had together at Merrill Lynch.
Only the best of wishes to you and your sister!!

Rick M.

Matt Delaplane

Thank you, Rick. I've regretted that post since the day I wrote it but cannot remove it.

You are right, my Dad wouldn't want to see me overcome by (possibly misplaced)anger.

I've let go of the anger long ago and hope my outburst can be overlooked, especially by Pam.

Rick Maag


Glad to hear you have let go of any remaining anger. That's another trait your Dad had that I respected...he could give a great argument on why someone was wrong, but always left it at that. No anger, no lingering hard feelings. Once oyur Dad moved to NY, he called me right away so we could get together and rehash some old times (and I was so eager to hear all the war stories). We talked a few times as soon as he settled down in NY and we were planning to catch a NY Met game with a few old Merrill colleagues. To this day, I am so sorry that time ran out on us before we made that happen.
I think about him frequently as evidenced by my checking back on his famous blog site.
Stay strong Matt, and make your Dad proud!


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